Born in 1937 in Hampden , Baltimore, MD , mother of 3 and Grandmother of 11.
She credits the” launching of her career” to the birth announcements she created for her children, Paula and Jack in Boston and Al on Kwajalein, in the  Marshall Islands.
The last announcement prompted residents to order invitations and continue to do so even after the family left the island for Bangkok, where she and her children lived for 8 years.  Her cards were sold in 21 bookstores and hotels.
They left Bangkok for Greece, where, at different times during 12 years, Maria had 3 shops , where she created cards and featured local artists.
Returning to the U.S. in 1979, she fell in love with Fell‘s Point, purchased a tiny house and studio where she resides still. 
Maria has traveled extensively participating in art events and has been commissioned to do a number of works for the city, private institWhy buy jacket with many pockets, expend room in your inventory hook a trailer to your car