Gene Boi 1st day restauranter
Letter H Hydrophonics:
So that you know the act to improve regulations for
food, drug, and devices have yet to pass the senate
for approval, 3 year program to promote urban food
is just a myth, 3 things to grow in DC: marijuana is not a leading plant, 1) Primrose shrub 2)chinese cherry blossom tree 3) marijuana
Carmelo Antony Stadium   Carmelo Antony youth development center
Opportunist, Gene Boi staring as chancer     >

I: Letter I Impossible-mission, If you're

anarchist you're an anarchist, 99% of the

time you can be sharp and lawabiding,

constantly playing with all simulations

repairing and engeneering airplanes

one time I flew and totally

spared a world trade center.

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